What’s Your Thinking Super Power?

Most of us assume we are seeing the world the way it really is. — Ned Herrmann

How is it that managers who attend a training session together, with a single trainer and a common program of instruction, can come away with totally opposite judgments and retain different elements of the program for their individual careers and jobs? — Ned Herrmann

The HBDI profile is a diagram of the individual’s dominance to one, some, or all modes of thinking:
A. Analytical thinking, B. Sequential thinking, C. Interpersonal thinking, D. Imaginative thinking

What’s Your Thinking Super Power?

  • Rigid,
  • Ruthless,
  • Cold and calculating,
  • Limited by the need for proof/explanation.
  • Overly sensitive,
  • Unbusinesslike,
  • Sentimental,
  • Too talkative.
  • Unfocussed,
  • Impulsive,
  • Oblivious of deadlines,
  • Vague,
  • Given to tangents
  • Controlling ,
  • Nit picking,
  • Bossy,
  • Stuck in a rut,
  • Boring

Tower of Babel



New Testament:

Get used to being uncomfortable: discomfort is a sign that the brain is engaged and learning. — Ned Herrmann

Engage your Team’s Whole Brain



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Drew Schillinger

Drew Schillinger

I am a Zen-gineer, coach, manager, and mindful leader whose goal is to encourage and help my teammates succeed in all their endeavors.